[ { "title": "Automated GUI testing", "publication_date": "2016/29/01", "number": "09600401", "url": "/2016/01/29/automated-gui-testing2/", "abstract": "The invention relates to a computer system that may include a processor, an accessibility API, a GUI, and a test module. The test module may use the accessibility API for analyzing GUI elements of the GUI and for automatically identifying GUI element features and inter-GUI-element dependencies. The test module may use the GUI element features and inter-GUI-element dependencies to generate a graph. The test module may traverse the graph and analyzes the GUI element features assigned to each currently accessed node or said node's child or sibling node. Thereby, the test module may identify predefined GUI element patterns in the graph and in the GUI. In case a matching GUI element pattern was identified, the test module may automatically identify one or more test routines associated with the identified GUI element pattern and automatically perform the one or more identified test routines on the GUI.", "owner": "International Business Machines Corporation", "owner_city": "Armonk", "owner_country": "US" } ]