[ { "title": "Zero-wait publishing, searching, and queuing systems and methods", "publication_date": "2016/20/05", "number": "09646325", "url": "/2016/05/20/zerowait-publishing-searching-and-queuing-systems-and-methods2/", "abstract": "Zero-wait publishing, searching, and queuing systems and methods are disclosed. The system includes a local retail service engagement application installed on a mobile device. The application requests a service from a service provider system. The application receives data associated with a service provider from the service provider system, transmits a request for a reservation, receives a confirmation of the reservation, transmits a queue request to a queuing system, and receives a confirmation of the queue request. The application determines a physical location of the mobile device, calculates a distance between the mobile device and the service provider, and transmits an estimated arrival time. When the mobile device arrives, the queuing system searches for the mobile device. The system further includes an identification, location and authentication system. The service provider system receives authentication and the relative location of the mobile device and retrieves the reservation.", "owner": "CloudTraQ LLC", "owner_city": "Las Vegas", "owner_country": "US" } ]